Kinder/1st Free Printables & LP’s

K-1 Free Library Printables, Online Games, and More



Looking for FREE library printables for Kindergarten and 1st grade? You’ll find all the resources I use in my Library Lesson Plans and even more in the links below. Bookmark or pin this page on Pinterest so you can find it again when you need it!

Library Rules

Primary Interactive Powerpoint – Can be used with Smartboard

Book Care

Quiz – PDF Format

Quiz – Word Format

Parts of a Book

“I have, who has…” Game

Print this game front and back. The first person will say, “I have ______ (picture on front).”  Then they will flip the card over and describe the word printed on the back. For instance, “Who has the part of the book that holds the cover and pages together?”. The person with the spine card will then say, “I have the book’s spine. Who has (description of the word on the back)?”

Identify Parts of a Book – PDF Format

Identify Parts of a Book – Word Format

Identify Author and Illustrator

Following Directions

Activity #1 from

Activity #2 from

ABC Order

ABC Order Cards from

Thanksgiving ABC Order Card Game

ABC Order Letter Cards

ABC Order Sight Word Cards

ABC Order Smartboard Activities

ABC Order Online Game from

Sight Word ABC Order Online Game from

Paw Park Online Game from 

Drag the Words into ABC Order Online Game

Alphabetical Adventure Online Game

ABC Order Games from

Learning Planet ABC Order Game

Connect the Dots ABC Order Game

Letter Sequencing Online Game

Alphabet Order –

Bee Game

Graphic Organizers

Story Elements Graphic Organizer

KWL Chart

Letter Sounds and Sight Words

Sight Words “I have… Who has?” Game

Letter Sounds Activities from

Alphabet Slider Puzzles

Other Helpful Free Resources

Smartboard Random Name Generator

Online Random Name Generator

AR Guide for Parents in PDF format

AR Guide for Parents in Word format

Article about the Five Finger Rule of book selection

Blank Book Cover 

Make Pop-ups by Robert Sabuda

How to Create a Pop-up

Dr. Seuss Online Games

Dr. Seuss Printables from

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