2nd/3rd Grade Free Printables

Library Rules

Primary Interactive Powerpoint – Can be used with Smartboard

Library Rules Prezi for Grades 3-5

Library Rules Jeopardy (you can edit this and make your own)

Book Care

Book Care True/False Activity

Book Care Bookmarks

Parts of a Book

Parts of a Book – Following Directions

Parts of a Book Create and Label

Finding Books, Checkout Procedures, and Shelving

Checkout Procedures Review – PDF Version

Checkout Procedures – Word Version

OPAC Scavenger Hunt – PDF Version

OPAC Scavenger Hunt – Word Version

Shelver Game from Mrs. Lodge’s Library

ABC Order

ABC Order Printable Card Games

Sight Word ABC Order Printable Cards

Sight Word ABC Order Online Game

Alphabetize Word List Online Game

Halloween ABC Order Online Game

Alphabetizing through the 3rd Letter Online Game

ABC Order Smartboard Activities

Dictionary Activities

Dictionary Team Challenge Printable Activity

Know Your Guide Words Printable Activity

Dictionary Guide Words Printable Activity

Dictionary Pronunciation – PDF Version Printable Activity

Dictionary Pronunciation – Word Version Printable Activity

Dictionary Definition Cut and Paste Printable Activity

Parts of the Dictionary Cut and Paste Printable Activity

Rags to Riches Online Game

Using Guide Words Online Activity

Choose the Correct Guide Words Online Activity

Guide Words Online Quia

More Dictionary Online Activities

Dictionary Video – YouTube

Dictionary Online Game

Pick the Perfect Word

Merriam-Webster Online Games

Word Central Online Games

Online Encyclopedia Activities

Group Research Assignment Printable Activity

Encyclopedia Treasure Hunt Printable Activity

Fiction and Nonfiction Activities

Real vs. Make Believe Online Game

Fiction or Nonfiction Online Game

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Jeopardy

Fiction or Nonfiction Quia

Fiction or Nonfiction Listening Game

Other Fiction or Nonfiction Online Activities

Other Helpful Free Resources

Smartboard Random Name Generator

Online Random Name Generator

AR Guide for Parents in PDF format

AR Guide for Parents in Word format

Article about the Five Finger Rule of book selection

Blank Book Cover 

Make Your Own Pop-up from RobertSabuda.com

Create a Pop-Up

Dr. Seuss Online Games

Dr. Seuss Printables from Seussville.com

Folk Tales Website

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